Equipment Requirement

What do they need?  "It's all about the gear..."


Please purchase skates to fit the skaters feet at present. Please look for a fit that allows no more than 1/2 size larger than the foot to grow into. Seek adequate protection in the ankle, toe and instep areas. Improperly fitted skates will significantly hamper a child's ability to skate properly and lead to compensation habits.


The helmet must be of a design and construction approved by the Hockey Equipment Certification Council (HECC). It must be sized at the time of purchase to fit properly. The chin and side mask straps must be fastened at all times.


The mask or cage must conform to a design and construction approved by the Hockey Equipment Certification Council (HECC).

Hockey Bag

A bag is essential to store equipment each skater will bring to a practice and game. It is highly recommended to purchase a bag has wheels and a pull out tote handle for easier towing.


Required for players in the 12-or-under (youth) and 10-or-under (girls) through Junior age classifications. USA Hockey encourages players of all ages and ability levels to use a mouthpiece. It is recommended that each player keep an extra molded mouthpiece in his or her hockey bag.


Hockey pants are held in the proper position by suspenders. Pants provide protection for the lower spine, hips and thighs.


Length should generally extend from the ice to the player's chin (with skates on). Quality and price differ greatly; please consult a qualified shop for proper fit and options. Tape on the blade and/or at the butt end is determined by players preference. It is recommended a newer skater purchase a stick without a curve. More developed players are encouraged to seek a slight curve to the blade on their shooting side.

Shin Pads & Socks

Check for proper length so they protect the knee and shin completely. Hockey socks are worn over the shin pads and can be fastened by Velcro or with hockey tape.

Athletic Supporter and Cup

Essential protective equipment. These can be purchased either as slip on shorts or a traditional jock strap with cup.


Check for proper fit with good finger and hand mobility.

Shoulder Pads

Adjust to fit the individual at the time of purchase. A fiber cap is extremely important in preventing shoulder separations and should extend to the tip of the shoulder. Pads that cover as much of the back as possible are encouraged.

Elbow Pads

A proper fit prevents movement of the gear.

Neck Guard

Required protective equipment. No skater can participate in practice or games without wearing a neck guard.

Under Garments

Thought not required, most skaters use some form of nylon torso and leg undergarment to provide warmth and comfort beneath their equipment.

* Goalie Equipment

Please talk to your coach about the specifics of this position and equipment.